Innovative Products for the Funeral Industry

Universal Identification System


The Universal Identification System is a patented process that provides permanent identification for people who have died. Use of the UIS at the time of death ensures proper identification of the deceased from the place of death to the final disposition. Prior to the UIS there has not been a way to identify a deceased person in a permanent manner. Therefore, problems have occurred and will continue to occur unless the UIS is used.

Universal Identification System


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A/V Closures

Innovative Supply Inc | Multi-ClosureFinally a better way!

  • Anus and vaginal closure device
  • Stops bodily fluids
  • Stops gaseous odors

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Innovative Supply Inc | AV Closure

Closes openings caused by:

  • I.V. Lines
  • Hypodermic Incisions
  • Trocar Punctures
  • Radial Incisions
  • Tracheotomies
  • Feeding Tubes

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