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Horrendous shock for grieving family

shock1A grieving Canadian family faced an extra dose of bad news when they arrived at the funeral home to attend the memorial for Marguerite Mercier-Pelletier.

They found that the funeral home had placed the wrong body in her coffin, but the grim discovery came too late.

Directors at the Oscar St-Ours funeral home in Shawinigan, Quebec had accidentally cremated the woman’s body, which was not what her family had requested.

The 81-year-old woman’s family appears split over whether they forgive the funeral home for their irrevocable actions.

Ms Mercier-Pelletier’s brother said that he understands and has no ill will to the funeral administrators while others are allegedly considering legal action.

Representatives from Oscar St-Ours funeral home told the Toronto Sun that this was the first time in their 91 years of business that such a mistake had been made.

They blame the oversight on a paperwork mishap, and confirmed that the 81-year-old’s body had been incinerated not in accordance to her requested preference.

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