How would cremating the wrong body affect your business?

Universal Identification System

Our product eliminates that worry.

The Universal Identification System

is a patented process that provides permanent identification for people who have died. Use of the UIS at the time of death ensures proper identification of the deceased from the place of death to the final disposition. Prior to the UIS there has not been a way to identify a deceased person in a permanent manner. Therefore, problems have occurred and will continue to occur unless the UIS is used. The traumatic emotional devastation loved ones have endured as a result of wrongful identification can now be prevented with the Universal Identification System. Made in the USA!

“Since you can’t always prevent people from perpetrating abuses such as this, we felt it was crucial to at least have a nearly-foolproof system in place to make it easier to rectify these sad situations. The Universal Identification System is just that.”

UIS Components Sold Separately

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How It Works

The UIS bracelet is constructed from a high quality corinthium metal alloy. It is 14 inches long and one half inch wide. It is designed to be placed around the wrist or ankle of the deceased. A unique tracking number is embossed into the metal, providing a permanent identification marker never to be duplicated on another bracelet. The ends of the bracelet self-lock, allowing only for the bracelet to be tightened. The UIS can never be loosened or removed. Equally as important is the fact that the bracelet can withstand temperatures within normal crematory operating conditions, ensuring that it will endure the cremation process. The UIS includes a four part carbon-less certificate bearing the name of the deceased and a unique tracking number insuring proper identification from point of death to final disposition. Copies of the form are distributed to:

  • Place of death facility
  • Next of kin
  • Funeral home removing the deceased
  • Crematory/Cemetery

Uses And Benefits

Whether you provide senior living, funeral home, hospice or health care services, safety and security are important to you and the families you serve. As part of providing secure services for the families who have lost a loved one, the use of the Universal Identification System (UIS) will ensure proper identification of the decedent from the place of death to final disposition.

By using the UIS you provide grieving families the assurance that their loved one will be properly cared for in the journey to their final resting place. As a final step in the process that began when you first started caring for the loved one, the use of the UIS at the time of death will demonstrate to the families you serve that care extends beyond your facilities. The use of the UIS shall become a standard of care which will be recognized and appreciated by the families and communities you serve.

Don’t let the misidentification of a deceased loved one start with you. Use the UIS to reduce your liability and establish a level of trust and confidence with the families you serve. The UIS is a low cost and effective way to promote security, reduce potential liability and create the standard of care that exceeds customer expectations.


To Whom It May Concern:

Our company built and began operating a crematory in May 2003. We reviewed the information that was available regarding systems that would provide identification of a deceased individual from the time that a family identified their loved one until such time that the cremated remains of their loved one was returned to them. Of those we reviewed, our unanimous decision was to begin using the Universal Identification System.

After approximately 1,750 cremations, we are delighted with our choice to begin using the Universal Identification System. Allowing the family to personally attach the I.D. bracelet with numbered disk to their loved one begins the process of closure for the family. The supporting documentation along with the stickers that are attached to the alternative container or casket has proven to be very positive assurance to the families that the cremated remains they receive are those of their loved one. We are very satisfied with the system.

Howard R. Marshall
Vice President
Greenwood-Mount Olivet-Arlington Funeral Homes
Fort Worth, Texas

Beyond the Universal I.D.’s function of ensuring accountability, we have witnessed how this system has exceeded the expectations of our client families, demonstrating our total commitment to their peace of mind.

Alexander Scott
Duksa Family Funeral Home of CT

I started using the Universal Identification System about a year ago, and I think it is the best thing a funeral director can do to give his families and himself peace of mind to assure that the right ashes go to the right family. I have had families want to witness the placement of the bracelet themselves, and who have been so grateful for such a fail-proof system. The minor expense is well worth the peace of mind, and the proof which could avoid a possible lawsuit.

Bob Pike
Funeral Director/Owner
AFCS, Inc.
Boscawen, NH

We are pleased with the Universal Identification System. We have received very positive feedback from the families we serve and institutional staff members. They appreciate the peace of mind provided by the Universal Identification System.

Richard E. Daniels
Daniels Family Funeral Home

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